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Procurement Changes to support the Environment Innovation and quality over Price..... Its likely !!

For over 30 years i have been involved working between Public Private and 3rd Sector. Time and time again I have been at events and heard from various governments passionate to talk not of today and what they have done but of long-term targets and using vague terms of commitment of what they will do. Or likely do.

Public sector procurement staff inform us they are sometimes in a catch 22 situation, told to consider the best products and service but juggling budgets so end up focusing on .... best price…. they know their procurement decision may not represent best value overall, but they work hard and do their best within the guidelines and budgets.

Some companies bidding for work offer exciting innovative products and service with substantial cost-effective long term financial and environmental benefits but sadly loose out to basic, cheaper less effective solutions….

The environment and taxpayers over the years have not always had value for money. If we are genuinely enthusiastic to address carbon reduction and its environmental impact, is it not time all public procurement need solid direction to prove decisions to buy are made on guaranteed best of whole life costs .... Not best price and all companies wishing to work with public sector surely must now be required to have credible environmental and ethical credentials and suppliers ......

Good to see Construction Minister speech yesterday https://www.constructionnews.co.uk/sustainability/construction-minister-stricter-tender-rules-key-to-reaching-net-zero-21-07-2021/

I noted

It’s likely that, going forward, government tenders will place greater emphasis on climate change......

Low Carbon Club CIC hopes one day the environmental issue will be so important quotes like its likely will be replaced with words like WE OBVIOUSLY GUARANTEE !!

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