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Why is Low Carbon Club a CIC

Low Carbon Club CIC is a registered community interest company, a social enterprise committed to collaboration, improving the environment, promoting innovation, communication, education as well as healthier choices. Running as a business whilst supporting training and employment of the vulnerable but with a big difference to a standard business no shareholders and profits reinvested for social benefit.

Welcome to Low Carbon Club CIC

With the support of 3ppp, a leading UK Event company, Low Carbon Club CIC was formed as an independent enterprise by 3 professionals from different worlds.


Alan Asbury, Wayne Talbot and Ron Pusey believe in and are committed to more effective ways of doing business and protecting our environment by Public, Private and 3rd Sector working collaboratively on projects.

Low Carbon Club was created as a social enterprise  based in Tintwistle just outside Manchester… a business, but without shareholders that invests it's profits back into society for social benefit.

We believe that reducing carbon and improving the environment requires us all to stop just looking for ways of supporting our own agendas but to look for sustainable ways of working together as a team. 

Low Carbon Club CIC  is open to working with any and all who support our aims. 

Please contact us if you would like to work with us or offer any type of support.

Our Vision

Promoting societies move towards a healthy, low carbon, environmentally friendly sustainable future using innovation, collaboration and education.


Recruit, train, and employ veterans and/or others who are socially disadvantaged. We will create a successful, collaborative, income-generating pilot project then replicate it in other regions.

The world has changed and the financial impact of Covid has highlighted a requirement for new, better socially minded models of doing business which Low Carbon Club will champion. Please contact us for more information.

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Public Sector Staff: Funded CPD training; funded delegate places at National Events; opportunity to communicate with stakeholders across departments and sectors.

Local Authority Partners: Development and employment of individuals that are hard to employ. Priority opportunity for relevant funded CPD training for authority staff. Funded delegate places for key staff at national events. Opportunity of engagement and collaboration with the region's 3rd Sector and Academia which includes offers for key staff to virtually attend national events. Priority risk free opportunity to pilot new and innovative technology. Participate in Educational programmes created by CIC and partners.

Collaborating Event Company: Low Carbon Club CIC will organise and invite funded delegates for events, round table events and live link delegates on behalf of event company. CIC to only be paid on all attendee numbers post event. The fee will only be due 7 days after the event. This post event payment will support the collaborating event companies cash flow whilst allowing an opportunity for trainee staff of CIC to be employed, trained and gain relevant transferable skills and experience. Opportunity to collaborate on joint income generating projects.

CIC staff: Training of staff will be by Ron Pusey, an experienced Sales trainer and Lifeskills Coach in a supported environment. Trained staff will be supported and helped if they wish to further their careers elsewhere. Low Carbon Club CIC collaborating organisations will be given first option on offering job opportunities. For organising the contact the CIC will receive a small ongoing risk-free override on sales created by the trainee’s or if a non-sales job a % of monthly pay. The placement of trainees allows additional staff to be given jobs and generate an increasing residual income whilst offering our partners no heavy upfront fees making sure our trainees are afforded every opportunity.

Companies: Beyond supporting events Low Carbon Club CIC will look to source income generating opportunities with Private Sector where the CIC can share in the success of business created. We believe this will allow a welcome no risk opportunity for private sector. Low Carbon Club will be looking for lucrative profit share opportunities when products / services are bought and paid for by contacts of Low Carbon Club CIC. Our private Sector partners should know by working with Low Carbon Club CIC they will also be supporting the employment of veterans and the disadvantaged, as well as the Low Carbon Agenda. Obviously, the CIC will be totally transparent with its contacts on the financial arrangement. As a supporting company there is also an opportunity to recruit CIC trained staff, see above.

Potential Benefits of Low Carbon Club CIC